Sponsor a Long Term Resident

The kitties listed on this page have not found their forever homes due to being too shy for most adopters to give them a chance or have medical issues beyond what most adopters are prepared to take on.

By sponsoring one of our long term resident kitties you are ensuring that Cats R Us can continue to provide food, shelter and medical care for these kitties for their lifetime.

We are asking a sponsorship of $20 per month to cover food costs for your sponsored kitty. Anything above that amount would be amazing! Thank you for your kindness and thinking of these kitties who through no fault of their own have not been chosen.

Sister was trapped as an older kitten at Grace Chemical plant in Baltimore. Despite our volunteers efforts to socialize her to people, Sister remains shy and is still wary of strangers but can be petted by some volunteers she trusts. Sister is 10 years old.
Swampy lived in a managed feral colony near Grace Chemical in Baltimore.  Over time he became the last kitty left in the colony so he was brought indoors at 16 years old to live an easier life.  Swampy remains shy but can be petted by some volunteers he trusts.

Pikachu was trapped in Annapolis with her kitten that has been adopted. She could not be released where she was trapped due to hostility towards her from a resident. Despite the efforts of  several volunteers to socialize her, Pikachu has remained true to her nature as a feral cat.

Beverly was trapped as a stray kitty on Fort Meade. For many years she was a shy and guarded girl.  She is now 10 years old and has mellowed into a friendly cat with our volunteers but she was recently diagnosed with IBD so she requires a prescription diet and daily medication. Beverly is currently sponsored by Susan C.
Spring came to Cats R Us as a shy, stray girl kitty who has tested positive for exposure to Feline Leukemia virus (FeLV).  Spring is 4 years old.  Spring is currently sponsored by Jaime M.
Tuppence was born in a trap.  It was touch and go for this white kitten but she has persevered in life to be a happy adult kitty despite chronic allergies and sinus infections. Tuppence mothers all the kittens that come into her fosters home.  Tuppence is 10 years old.
Rainier was found as a stray kitty in Mount Rainier.  He is a sweet guy and a favorite of our shelter volunteers. Rainier has health issues related to his digestive system and requires daily medication. Rainier is 5 years old.
Reece was trapped as an older kitten near Reece Road in Severn. Despite our foster volunteers efforts to socialize her, Reece has remained true to her nature as a feral cat.  Reece is 4 years old.
Skye was trapped as an older kitten in Annapolis.  Despite our volunteers efforts to socialize her to people, Skye remains shy and is still wary of strangers but can be petted by some volunteers she trusts. Skye is 6 years old.
Big Head was TNR’d in Edgewater.  Fast forward 6 months and his caretaker called us back to help him again because he was badly injured. It was decided an unsafe area for him to return to again. Big Head has remained true to his nature of a feral cat, though he has mellowed enough to receive his insulin injections daily after recently being diagnosed with diabetes.  Big Head is 12 years old. 

Long Term Resident Sponsorship

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Yes you heard that right! We're in immediate need of volunteers for our Arnold, MD shelter. It only takes about 90 minutes with weekend as well as weekday morning and evening shifts available. Contact us or check out our volunteer page for more info.
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