Hire Working Cats

Cats R Us occasionally meets cats that do not conform to behaviors of the average companion cat.   The cats listed on this page have demonstrated higher independence needs and less tolerance for human contact than most pet cats and often thrive in non-traditional settings such as barnyards, vineyards, or garden centers.  Working cats are valued for their alert personalities and prey drive- or as we like to think of it- work ethic!

To “hire” a working cat, the new guardian must be able to provide the following:

  • An accessible indoor area that provides protection from the elements.
  • Access to fresh water and kibble at all times.
  • Veterinary care as needed.

If we don’t have any cats listed that means that all of our cats are domesticated to be a companion cat. For more information, please email adopt@catsrusrescue.org.

Introducing Vivid, an 8 year female calico cat who is a working cat looking for a barn home. Vivid hates being cooped up in our shelter! She lost her outdoor home when the abandoned house she was staying in was demolished.


We Need Humans!

Interested in volunteering?

It only takes about 90 minutes with weekend as well as weekday morning and evening shifts available. Contact us or check out our volunteer page for more info.

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