Introducing… Big Head!

You can donate funds quickly and easily using your credit card! We have no paid volunteers, so most of every penny you donate goes directly to care for the cats.

Recurring donations also available.

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Sponsor Big Head! From our local volunteer… we trapped him for TNR and then released him. He showed back up approx. 2 weeks he later appeared seriously injured. We trapped him again, which surprised us, considering he had been trapped just two weeks before. I guess he knew he needed help so again he entered the trap. We cared for him until he recovered and have continued to do so. We started Big Head’s insulin today without issue. As before, I guess he realizes we are just trying to help him.

We Need Humans!

Yes you heard that right! We're in immediate need of volunteers for our Arnold, MD shelter.It only takes about 90 minutes with weekend as well as weekday morning and evening shifts available. Contact us or check out our volunteer page for more info.
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