The Hidden Kittens

Earlier this summer Cats R Us Volunteer, Ray W., reported to our colony feeding group that a group of kittens had been noticed going down into a storm drain by one of the business park employees. I proceeded to set up a trail cam at the site to confirm the sightings. We were all quite surprised to hear of these sightings as only one or two TNR’d cats reside near this feeding station.

The trail cam confirmed at least two kittens and a mom and dad appeared as well. Traps were set and one kitten was caught the first night.

Then a two more kittens were caught, then the mom the next night.

By monitoring the trail cam pics I knew there was one last kitten and big daddy left.

The following night an entire family of raccoons was trapped, mom and her three littles. They were released.

Finally the next night I caught the last kitten. Dad was not off the hook. I baited the trap with a trail of Royal Farms chicken thighs. He could not resist and was caught that night.

Mom and Dad were TNR’d using the Snyder grant. The kittens are very feral but remain with me to see if I can trick them into becoming housecats. Wish me luck!

~Trish L.