Cats R Us is comprised of cat lovers who volunteer at shelters, events, or remotely. An hour a week helps keep the little ones clean, fed, and healthy. 

Here are some of the various positions we always have available:

  • Shelter Workers: Feed cats and clean at our Arnold shelter complex. As little as one shift per week can help feed a lot of little mouths and only takes around 90 minutes. Duties typically consist of feeding, litter box scooping, fresh water refills, and other light cleaning (sweeping/mopping/wiping down surfaces). Share a shift with a friend or family member- everyone is welcome. Your first few shifts will shadow a veteran volunteer so you can learn our tips & tricks.
  • Socializers: Some of our cats are shy or scared after being abandoned (who wouldn’t be?). The more social they are, the faster they can be adopted. Since everyone is already fed, this position can be done at any time. Volunteers must be prepared for a lot of head butts & demands for snacks. Light duties such as belly rubs and cuddling are typically required.
  • Foster Parents: We rely on foster homes to rescue kittens since shelters are no place for them to grow up.  If you are interested in becoming a kitten or adult cat foster please complete our foster application online here.
  • Foster Nurses: Some of our cats need extra TLC & require rehabilitation from illness or injury. Transporting shelter cats for doctor visits to and/or from also greatly reduce the workload from our shelter volunteers.
  • Community cat feeders: Assist in managing colonies, refilling food and water stations, and observing for abandoned friendly cats. Too often we find abandoned tame cats thrown to fend for themselves into a colony of community cats. If we catch them soon enough we can get them socialized and placed for adoption.
  • Construction/Maintenance: Help keep our shelter safe and secure for the cats (and our volunteers). Installation of cat doors, replace aging materials, repair gutters, install & remove a/c units seasonally, etc. Any DIY’er can help — from light maintenance to electrical & plumbing — every little bit helps.
  • Benefactors: Donate tax-deductible funds to pay for food and veterinary care for the homeless and abandoned cats.

If you would like to volunteer in any of these ways, please complete the volunteer waiver and release form which can be completed onlineĀ here. No experience is needed, training will be provided, just bring love and prepare for a lot of head butts!