Happy Tail – Finding Chloe

Chloe escaped from a carrier out of her owners’ car at McDonalds on West St on July 29th as she and her owners were traveling.

Her owners went to the library and made their own flyers and posted them throughout the area. They also remained 5 days living in their car in an effort to find Chloe. Short of funds and time, they were forced to continue on their scheduled move to western MD.  Soon after they contacted LostmyKitty.com.

LostmyKitty.com reached out to Cats R Us via our founder, Ray, who forwarded the notice to all our volunteers. CRU’s volunteers canvassed the area, talked to everyone they saw about the missing kitty, and shared on our social media.

Chloe, being a smart and resourceful cat,  hung around, found a safe place to hide, and a trusty food source. She stayed there until her feed source saw a poster and called her family on Sunday, August 27th. Her family came and got her that very day. They were and are totally thrilled to have her home.

Her nearly one month adventure ended happily with a lot of CRU folks caring about Chloe and teaming up to do our best for her.

If you want to help reunite pets in your area, follow your local Lost and Found Pets page on Facebook, for example Lost and Found Pets of Anne Arundel County Maryland and then keep your eyes peeled!