Happy Tail – Leo (a.k.a Angel)

Happy tail - Leo (Angel)

Cats R Us received an urgent plea from a concerned woman from Severna Park. A very friendly male cat was wandering her neighborhood. He would come up to her while she was walking her dog. Angel was very hungry and his once luxurious coat was straggly and covered in mats.

We took him into our Riva shelter after a quick trip to the vet to get tested, vaccinated and fixed. Angel quickly acclimated to the shelter life and became a volunteer favorite.

We are happy to report he quickly found his forever home. His adopter met him at one of our adoption events. He charmed her immensely with his gentle nature and soft belly. She left but could not get him out her mind. She came back the next week anxious to adopt him. Now named Leo, he adapted quickly to his new home and has befriended the resident cat, Margo.